the 2011 top "few"...

on Monday, January 2, 2012

Remind me. What drug was I on when I said I’d do this!
january: seen on this pretty space; the decorista
It's been an interesting exercise I can say that...
february: seen on sense and simplicity
Because I have the memory of a gnat...
march: seen on beautiful portals tumblr
it was kind of nice to look at all the images I've collected over the year
april: seen on the diversion project; my favorite and my best
I wondered whether my taste had changed 
may: seen on my design chic; photo by janis nicolay my pinecone camp
given the exposure to so many wonderful rooms and great ideas.
june: seen on abigail ahern
It appears they have a few things in common...
july: seen on if the lampshade fits; a perfect gray
books, art, textiles and colour (and more white than I would have thought possible for me!)
august: seen on (clockwise from top left): my first little place; from the right bank; i suwanee; the design files
and when they're all in the same room...well, that's just love!
september: seen on an indian summer
and as you can see...I had to do it month by month.
october: seen on mom's turf
And there were sometimes...but not always... more than one
november: seen on brydie brown tumblr
so thank you for looking at these pictures throughout 2011...
december: seen on creamy life; design sponge (the loo was always going to make it!)
it was fun wasn't it...and while I can't make any promises about each and every week... it will continue to be a feature in would be rude not to! J