my current favourite kitchen gadget...

on Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm getting a great deal of pleasure at the moment, heading out to the postage stamp sized veggie patch in my courtyard in the morning, picking some stuff and packing myself a little home-grown salad to take to work for lunch.
Obviously the goat's cheese isn't townhouse grown (there's only room for one goat in this place!), nor are the onions but everything else spinach, cos, basil, rocket, coriander, parsley.  And once the tomatoes start ripening they'll be in there too.
I don't think the flinging together of a little green salad can be done to the maximum level of perfection without one of these ...
...may I present my current must have, can't live without kitchen gadget... the salad spinner. Don't scoff. That one up there isn't's mine. Much less flash, and pretty cheap, but still up to the job.
And a touch of this delicious mayonnaise doesn't go astray either. 
Just add some ham or cold chook or smoked salmon or nothing, and throw in a bit of diced avocado...yum. Quick, easy, what more could you want except a fully catered three course gourmet meal delivered by an impeccably dressed serving person, and perhaps a cold refreshing glass of something or other to get the creative juices flowing in the postprandial working hours! That postprandial word was for the word queen Felicity : )
So, what's your personal favourite kitchen gadget this week?