when janis says jump...(or 'art' and my studio begins to take shape)

on Wednesday, May 18, 2011

When Janis says jump, I of course say, 'not a prob Janis...how high?'
Remember this mess...you can read about it here.
The very lovely and exceedingly clever (not the least because she had the good sense to marry an Aussie) Janis, said that I should frame it.
So I did. It has even more 'mess' now, although I do believe it's slightly crooked. Oh well. Never mind.
It's now in my reclaimed studio inspiring me (a little) and reminding me that anything can be made into 'art' (*snort*) and that I really need to get cracking again on that Cert IV after two weekends away.
The studio is slowly (very slowly) turning into what it's meant to be. I'll keep you posted...as they say in the classics :)
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