top ten pictures from the week ~ 12 May 11

on Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hello the heck are you?
via collage of life
Me? I'm knackered.
by Katie Quinn Davies of What Katie Ate (she's a complete genius)
Work is soooooo busy. I'm leaving early for work and I'm back home late. Buffy must be a bit lonely now that the 22 23 year old has decamped...
light locations via the red thread
I've been home so little I haven't even had the opportunity to wallow in the pleasure of having my studio space back
via an indian summer
I think sorting it is going to be a work in progress for quite a while yet
a canberra home (yes, we can do edgy!) via the design files; photographs taken by canberra photographer peta rudd
...a bit like me really...the work in progress, not the edgy :)
via the diversion project
So many work projects on the's ludicrous really
via from the right bank
starting projects, finishing projects and middling projects...
via solid frog
as long as there aren't any muddling projects I probably should be ok!
via my pretty space tumblr
didn't manage ten this week...sorry about that...but, you know...stupidly busy. Or just busy being or the other!