soul food friday ~ covet: a word best used sparingly

on Thursday, March 3, 2011

I've been thinking about this for a while, and yesterday when I read Jules' post where she said she rarely used the word covet...I could only agree that it was one of those words that shouldn't be given a 'run' all that often.
the covetable doors in question :)
In this blogging world it's all too easy to see things that we covet, or want, or desire...but perhaps rarely need. I have to say...and I realise I may lose some of you on this...I find this language a bit disturbing at times. And I know there's no malice or bad intent in the use of these words, and I've no doubt used some of them myself...but still.
Maybe it's because I used to be an absolutely rampant consumer and knew that my consumerism was a substitute for other things that were lacking in my life. Nothing like a reformed chronic consumer hey?
Maybe it's because I've already got most of the things that I 'need'!
Maybe it's because I think that saying 'I'd really quite like' is much nicer than saying 'I want'. 
Maybe it's because I'm uncomfortable with the notion of never being satisfied with what we have.
The word covet to me has very negative connotations. By definition it's about desiring something that others have; it smacks of jealousy and is linked with greed.'s very old testament; right up there with smiting and begetting!  Although begetting's not such a bad thing :)
Or perhaps I'm just being a right royal pain in the butt.
What do you think? About the word covet I mean, not about me being a can remain silent on that score. I get quite enough of that at home :)
image via bits of truth

Having said all that....I'd really quite like one of these carved books:))
found here