soul food friday ~ switching off

on Thursday, February 24, 2011

I don't know about you, but I've had a really exhausting week. It's been mentally, physically and emotionally draining.
Work is intellectually demanding (which is how I like it) but oh, it takes it out of you.
I'm not getting enough sleep...unlike the slayer there. Blogging is partly to blame of course (I hate to miss out on anything!), and I'm trying to do more reading...of the book variety, and then there's that new iPad to play with.
I've had some difficult things to deal with emotionally...from more than one quarter. Peeps, you're on notice. Line up and take a number next time please! I'm only going to have emotional upsets on a minimum monthly basis from now on. Actually I think that should be maximum shouldn't it?  See, too tired to think straight :)
I don't want you to's no huge deal. But I do think, as I've thought for a long time...that I should learn how to meditate. Do you meditate? Does it work? How do you do it? Where should I start? 
And most importantly. Do you think it's hard to meditate when you've got a wet bum?? :)
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