the weekly top ten returns...sort of

on Monday, January 17, 2011

If it seems like ages since I've done one of these posts...
my lovely friend Mariska's reading spot
...that's because it is.
So in honour of the first of these posts for the year...
...this is a 'bumper' edition.
While my fellow I sound all Prime Ministerial?...
...or just a complete lunatic...don't answer that!
...where was I? While around the country people are still battling floods or the clean up from them...
 and in the very worst cases, reeling under the grief from losing someone in such an unimaginable way... are some soothing pictures.
A semblance of normal.
And let's not forget Brasil and Sri Lanka either...
...where getting back on your feet might not be quite so achievable as it is in our lucky country.
The man and I are off to Brunswick Heads today (yes, revisited...that's for Aussies who remember the radio show!) and I'll be without much access to internet and won't be able to reply to comments until I get back (sorry). I'll miss you.
So have a good week lovely people and I'll see you 'ron (that's Australian for later on if you're wondering what drugs I'm on...) 
And a special hello to new readers who might be experiencing their first top ten...
As you can see, I'm not very good at counting :)
And if I absolutely had to go camping...this would be the only way!
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