top ten pictures from the week ~ 1.2.11

on Monday, January 31, 2011

Morning! Or afternoon, or evening...or whenever it is wherever you are :)
I had a bit of trouble this week...
...finding my lovely pictures.
Am I getting too fussy I wonder? Have I seen too much loveliness?
Is the visual overload causing me to be overly discriminating; rejecting what I wouldn't have before?
Is the moon aligned with the stars?
Or am I just not looking in all the right places?
via a room for everyone
Is it all becoming a bit same old, same old to me...or to you perhaps?
Are we jaded so soon and (the blog and I that is) are not even a year old...
...although that's coming up very soon :)
But no...on reflection, I think not. The ones that made it are pretty darn fine lot really...
and one more for good measure...hope you enjoy...