things that should be getting done that aren't...and a peek of the white living room

on Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I have, had ok still do have great plans for my long holiday break. There is so much I want to do around the house...but I am laid low with the stupid flu or cold, or whatever it is. It's made me completely lethargic, is driving me nuts and all I feel capable of doing is watching bad TV and knitting dishcloths! At least I'm not out shopping!
Case in point...this is the bottom part of my bedroom. It had a really, really ugly built in desk that I ripped out almost a year ago now. I have had the plastering done, but that's where its all stopped. This needs to must be painted white to match the top half...I think it's the window trim that's stopping me!
On the plus side, I did score that fabulous granny blanket you see on the chair crocheted by my great grandma quite a long time ago, and this beautiful hand embroidered and crocheted tablecloth done by her as well. I pinched it when I cleaned out mum's linen cupboard when I visited at Christmas. Bounty from doing a good deed :)
And even though my house is not at its best right now (a bit like me) I thought you might like a peek of the newly painted living room and the chandeliers that have finally made it to the ceiling and not the floor where they were stored! 
I'll do proper photos later...styled 'n all like I know you like them...that is, photos without the TV remote perched on the arm of my sofa and the cushions in the right place! And I might do a before and after...I think you'll see quite a difference. Oh yeah, and I also have big plans for painting a few canvases as well...when I'm well :)
OK, back off to the cricket now (that's how you know I'm sick...I'm watching the cricket...the men in white coats will be arriving soon I'm sure!)