my creative space...two blue and white pincushions

on Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Can I just indulge myself in a tiny bit of self congratulation please? It doesn't happen all that often. I am so happy with how my blue and white pincushions are looking. One complete...and some pretty flowers from the garden thrown in for good measure!
I'm loving the freshness of the blue and white, and the thing that makes me happiest is that I designed a couple of the panels all by myself with some inspiration from a few rugs...who knew I could do that? I know it's not rocket science but hey, it's progress! Makes me want to do a lot more.
These are for the lovely Kerri, who's wonderful art and fabulous friendship is always inspiring me. I'm planning some different designs and colourways. They take time (and a whole lot of patience) to make but they're fun, and comforting in a granny doing needlepoint kind of way. 
And I'd like to think that these little pincushions might one day become little bits of a family history, passed on through a couple of generations...wouldn't that be lovely? I do hope they don't fall apart!!
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