doing the in the ordinary

on Sunday, October 31, 2010

Yesterday morning I woke to the sound of really heavy rain. And immediately thought how glad I was that I'd brought the washing in the evening before :))
And as you do (well, as I do anyway), I started thinking about washing, and clothes lines and how evocative they are...

How the simple act of doing a household 'chore' can actually bring you immense pleasure...pleasure in the every day.
And how artists have captured this for one reason or another. So I went searching for images to share with you...these next two were done by my friend Sally...I've written about her work before...

Maybe it's only me who thinks a line full of washing flapping in the breeze is lovely...but I suspect not!
via home

these next ones are glass...I kid you not!

 ok, this one's not in the breeze...but I love it nonetheless...

Have a great day...whether it's one for washing...or not.
The ironing? That's a whole different story...!

all other images found via flickr, we heart it or google