top 10 pictures from the week ~ 24.8.10

on Monday, August 23, 2010

I quite enjoy doing this top ten post each week. 

I thought I might get tired of it, as I have something very akin to a short attention span.
But perhaps it's because I can't remember what I saw yesterday, let alone a week ago... delving into the computer file each Monday night is a bit like opening a present all over again

...or re-reading a book that I quite liked but one where I'd forgotten all the delicious detail.
So I think I'll keep doing it for a little while longer.

I'm obviously getting fussy though...I only collected 13 to choose from this week
And just for a change thought I'd end up outside! I do love a grove of silver birches.
images in order of appearance are via: the decorista,, made by girl, desire to inspire (pets on furniture Monday), the diversion project, elle decor, busy being fabulous, greige, beautifulism, daily imprint