soul food friday ~ the art of doing nothing...

on Thursday, August 12, 2010

This came to me via an email...and it made me laugh...out work
...which is OK of course...we're allowed to laugh where I fact it's positively encouraged.
But then it got me thinking...why are we so afraid of having nothing to do? Why do we feel compelled to fill up our empty spaces? And when we do actually do nothing (is it even possible to really do nothing...), why do we feel guilty about it? Not all the time I least I hope...but even sometimes, feeling guilty about doing nothing is bad...isn't it?
Is thinking doing nothing? No, we're thinking.
Is gazing at our navel doing nothing? No, we're...well, we're navel gazing.
Is this a generational thing? The offspring don't seem to have a problem doing nothing!
I think having nothing to do is a luxury we should allow ourselves every now and again, don't you? And I know it's much easier for some than others. I don't have small people requiring my attention every hour of the day for instance. 
Ann from My Villa Life once described me as a doer, which kind of surprised me as I consider procrastination one of my finer skills! My friend Mary told me when she commented on last week's soul food friday post to do nothing last weekend (and I tried Mary, I really did).
So is 'nothing to do' not actually a luxury, but really a necessity? Every now and then. When we can manage it. To recharge and refresh. It's an interesting question isn't it?
What's your favourite 'case of nothing to do'? I'd like to borrow a few for the weekend if that's OK.
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