my creative space...felt cushion with flowers (also of felt!)

on Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Why is it that these things seem easier in your head than they actually are to 'action' as Faux Fuschia would say?
It turned out nicely in the end, but a cushion a day is not quite what I had in mind when I decided to work four days a week and have the 5th day to create...hardly a cushion making frenzy! I got the inspiration from this book...
I loved working with this 100% wool soft and not in the least bit I'll be sure to do some more. It wasn't really difficult, just a bit fiddly and tedious...easier to show you how to make the 'petals' by photographing the book!
...cutting out the circles, making the 'petals', sewing them on one by one...
And here's the back. I really love the buttons that I picked up yesterday when I was having my sewing machine'll be pleased to know the automatic button holer works...but not very well on two layers of felt! Sigh.
So, I'm quite happy with the end result, but it seems the vampire slayer prefers the old cushions! Just as well this one is going to the first-born's then. That cat gets odder and odder :)
As is now my (very) new tradition on a Thursday, I'm heading off to Kootoyoo. Why don't you join me there.
all images by me with the cooperation of felt, books, needle, thread and a barmy cat.