top 10 pictures from the week ~ 15.7.10

on Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My first day of not working on a Wednesday yesterday...and did I read books, flop around drinking tea...flick through the mountain of magazines still waiting to be devoured? Nope. Of course not. I cleaned the chandeliers with the chandelier fairy (they look awesome), went looking at fabrics for cushion covers yet to be made...and scored six dining chairs at Vinnies (which of course need to be painted and reupholstered...nothing is ever straightforward around here)...but boy am I a happy little part-time worker! And the other thing I did, of course, was put this lot together. Enjoy!

by erin's art and gardens
See how there's some cunning colour grouping going on in the collaging..
...that's because I like you
because I care...

The grey's an aberration for me...but I just couldn't go past that chandelier...and having done a bit of chandelier cleaning yesterday...well, it was the proverbial no-brainer really...and it is a beautiful room...
via greige
and this, I feel, is country kitchen long do you reckon it would have taken to line all those jugs up properly?
...and I think if there was any profession I'd like to have (if I didn't have the one I've got of course) it would be a food stylist/photographer...this is the work of deb kaloper (via the design files for the full interview and more stunning pics)
...and, in memory of Marija...who I didn't know well but who was kind enough to hit the follow button here...and who's blog I always loved to visit...blessings to your family who must be feeling so lost...