top 10 pictures from the week ~ 24.6.10

on Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Firstly can I just say so sorry that I'm not a very regular visitor to your blogs at the moment. I'm trying but work shall I put it...manic! It was a slow start to collecting beautiful pics for the weekly top ten as well...but I think it's all come together in the end. So here we go...I think I have a thing for pink at the moment...
This next one makes me think of our old cat Licorice...who was much, much nicer than the vampire slayer! I miss Licorice.
by anci at the lighthouse

I so, so, so want to paint this next one...and I do believe it's on a tapa cloth very similar to mine...
Surprise, surprise...I do actually collect more than ten pictures in a week. Choosing which ten to choose has become somewhat of a dilemma and I feel for the ones I don't put in. No, I'm not mad as a cut snake...just a bit frazzled...see reference regarding work above! So as next Thursday is the start of a new month, sometime next week I'll try to do a collage of all the ones that just missed out. It would be a great shame to waste them don't you think? Plus I don't want to hurt their feelings. See reference regarding cut snake above...I may have to reconsider!!