my weekend project

on Sunday, June 27, 2010

Thanks to everyone who suggested that I should just relax this weekend. I took your advice. And did a very great deal of not a lot! Except... I spent a bit of time with the crochet hook perfecting my granny square technique and trying to decide which pattern I liked most....

I went with this one for my first attempt at a crocheted throw, which I do believe the first born has already claimed. She might be waiting a while at the rate I go!
I'm using a variety of colours...and I'm sure you won't be surprised to see they're not pastels! Quite pleased with them though...even though I don't have a clue yet how to put them together...but that surely is why Google was invented!

And I did finish this book...and, as in the days before blogging began, it took me no time at all. This may be because I stayed in bed until 2 o'clock yesterday to read it. And it made me blubber (just like poor old ex Prime Minister Kevin Rudd who I do feel very sorry for). Except unlike blubbering was for no good reason other than a spectacularly happy and cheesy-schmalzy ending!
Forget the Booker and all things literature on a quest for relaxation...there's nothing like a good old girly book for a wintery Canberra day now is there?
...and deciding that I needed (ok don't need, but would very much like) a small collection of silver (ok then, silver plate) I found these while doing a bit of op shopping...and they didn't cost very much at all..about $20 for the lot. And I quite like cleaning silver, not that I did a lot of that on my take-it-easy weekend as you can see. Think they'll scrub up pretty well though and they are lovely shapes.

I'm thinking this lot will make a nice display on my antique chest of drawers in the bedroom. Chuck a few necklaces in one and some flowers in another....might work quite well in a casual, thrown together kind of way.

And I did a good bit of old-fashioned staring into space as well...thinking about life, this blog, work...and I've come to a few decisions. All good. So I guess you could say my project this weekend was me. And sometimes that's absolutely the best thing to be working on. The chandelier cleaning can wait for another time! Here's to a good week bloggy peeps.