a bag to go with the frou-frou juju?

on Monday, June 21, 2010

Thank you so much for some of the very funny comments about the DIY fake frou-frou juju post from yesterday. 
They cracked me up. Edith has even refused my (I thought) very kind offer to make her one to wear to Ascot! I really don't understand :) And alas I have had to deny Jackie's request for me to rustle her up a Faberge egg out of old necklaces and some gold leaf (but only because silver leaf is my gilding metal of choice...otherwise, not a prob!) And Deborah swore that she saw her mum wearing one just like it in the 60's. Janette warned me about the dangers of being tarred and feathered if the pink fluffy thing should fall on my head while sleeping with night cream slathered on my ageing face (she didn't actually say ageing I hasten to add; I believe she is far too nice for that!) Felicity wrote me a gorgeous little poem. But best of all, Tina's Miss Lottie said she thought it was cool...high praise indeed! One day I'm going to collect all your clever comments and publish a book of bloggy peep wit! It will be too heavy to lift for sure.
Anyway, I thought that it might be fun to go etsy surfing for some feather bags to go with my feather 'hat'...so here are some of the results of a feather bag search...
Peacock Feathers Luxury Clutch Bag with Iridescent Silk Lining
Something Ivory Bridal Clutch
Peacock blue clutch in Liberty cotton
Hellena - Brown Ostich Feather Purse with Crystal Trim
Peacock Feathers Embroidered Silk Clutch Silver and Navy Blue
Peacock Feather Silk Dupioni Clutch Purse In Blue Violet
hmmmm...I just happen to have some peacock feathers...and nothing planned for this weekend! Breathe Edith, breathe...
White Feather Purse Evening Bag
Something Black Clutch
I think there must be a lot of naked birds out there...
The Feather Evening Bag in Latte
Yellow Feather Purse
Oh laugh..I laughed till I stopped! And on a completely different note, I finished my first Jodi Picoult book on the weekend while pretending to be watching Australia play England in the rugby with the MGM...
I had been avoiding them (Jodi's books, not the rugby players) because they are so popular (some of them anyway...the rugby players I mean), but I have to say I was quite impressed (I'm back to talking about Jodi now) so I may even read another one...when I get through the fourteen books that are already lined up and waiting! Fourteen books on the sidelines (note another feeble rugby reference) would have been nothing before blogging began! Have a fun Tuesday. Here on this side of the world where yesterday was the shortest day of the year, the days are now getting longer. Good! I could use more than 24 hours at the moment.