three little words: an ikea run

on Friday, February 19, 2010

Warning: the following photos may be distressing to some readers (but at least they'll be useful for the before and afters down the track!)
Despite what some people say, Canberra has an awful lot going for it...except a major omission in the form of an Ikea. Which, I do concede, is probably quite handy for the wallet. I usually rely on the wonderful people at BringitHome (a fantastic Ikea pick-up service for Canberrans) when the Ikea bug hits, but not today (sorry guys) (ok yesterday) a wonderful friend Chris did an Ikea run to Sydney with her son's ute and said son's girlfriend Alex in tow (not literally of course although the ute did get a bit full!) and bought me back this red Lack shelf destined for the study...
and these Knuff magazine files for this project from Real Living
and this lovely fabric 
that is going to line the back of this ugly bookshelf once I repaint it white...
and best of all this squishy armchair that is going to look great once I've redone this part of the bedroom that I showed you here
...and moved all the boxes that the chair came in, out of the bedroom
and finished painting the pergola, and...
...deep breathing begin.
So I'm heading out to the courtyard to tackle the pergola, but at least while I'm out there I will have these small bits of tranquility to look at. I'll keep you posted, as they say!